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The ingredients in each Refluxology capsule work synergistically to transform the food we eat into their most digestible form. Which helps maintain digestive health and keep our bodies free of the obstructions that cause acid build up. Refluxology assists in the breakdown components of your meal. Including, sugar, starches, protein, and plants. This scientist generated formula treats the problem at the source.


Nattokinase has been a component of the traditional Japanese diet for over 1,000 years. The powerful strain that we have chosen, produces a surfactin which is a naturally derived bio-active molecule that helps modulate the amount of acid your body creates.

Bacillus Coagulans

This is an acid stable probiotic that supports immune and digestive health. This organism will produce enzymes that help breakdown foods that are difficult to digest. 


These assist in the breakdown of sugars like sucrose. These enzymes also help in the breakdown of hemicellulose, which is the plant cell wall material that gives these cells their rigidity. These difficult to digest cells can form fibrous clots which can cause obstructions.

Why It Works

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